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Yes, the capital is insured for 97.9%.

Ranieri assets Insurance Board is owned by Ranieri but acts independently and also reports directly to the Delaware state department.

Once your deposit is confirmed and the funds are updated in your account, you will immediately receive insurance coverage. Additionally, the certificate serves as further evidence of your investment and may be utilized during the Next of Kin transfer process if necessary.

All investors are insured for ‘emergency circumstances’ which covers everything including needing the money for personal reasons or an unforeseen situation from Ranieri.

It takes 30 working days for your money to be processed and paid back to you.

Yes, you get 100% of your capital back.

9 months


Yes, you can request for the termination of your active investment and the reimbursement time frame is within 30days. For an emergency reimbursement, you get 97.9% of your capital back.
No extra fee is charged.

$1500 US

  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • USDT (ERC20)
  • USDT (TRC20)

  • $1500 minimum
  • $10,000 minimum
  • $50,000 minimum
  • $100,000 minimum
  • $300,000 minimum
  • $900,000 minimum
  • $2.5 million minimum
  • $5 million minimum

For details of each investment portfolio, please register at above link (free to register) & check the portfolios.

Ranieri assets offer two ways to grow your investments: compounding and daily payouts. Compounding works similarly to a 'term deposit,' where you reinvest your profits into the capital to achieve exponential growth. To begin compounding, a minimum of $100 is required. However, no withdrawals can be made until the end of the portfolio period. The benefit of compounding is that it results in higher returns over time.
Alternatively, if you prefer more immediate access to your profits, you can opt for daily payouts. With this option, you have the choice to withdraw your profits or reinvest them manually into the capital through a direct deposit. To start reinvesting your daily payouts, a minimum of $100 is necessary. This approach offers flexibility and allows you to enjoy the benefits of your investment gains on a regular basis.

Ranieri Assets' policy dictates that every portfolio is bound for a fixed duration of 9 months. Regardless of whether you select a 6-month, 7-month, or 8-month investment plan, your funds will remain locked for the entire 9-month period. However, if you opt for the 6-month, 7-month, or 8-month duration, you will have the advantage of compounding returns during those months. Once the initial compounding period ends, the remaining months until the 9th month will accrue daily interest instead of compounding interest. This arrangement allows you to withdraw profits if you choose during this phase.

Under compounding, it is possible to include future deposits into your existing capital within the Ranieri assets

Yes, 1%

Official withdrawal payment is within 24hrs but Ranieri assets generally pays out within 1mins to 5hrs.

Yes, but you will need a different email address to register the new account whether it’s a new individual account or a business account.

  • 1st level 12% of deposit
  • 2nd level 6% of deposit
  • 3rd level 3% of deposit

Commissions are paid for every deposit and re-investment based on the above percentages made by the downline - not just the initial deposit.

Ranieri Assets is one of the world’s leading independent asset managers. We are primarily investors before anything else.